FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera v6.16.3 破解版(iOS) 電腦下載


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FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera v6.16.3 破解版(iOS) 電腦下載

FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera v6.16.3 Crack  v6是最先進的移動攝像機。曾經。FiLMiC Pro 增強了尖端功能和 iPhone、iPod 或 iPad 上響應速度最快的手動相機界面。
FiLMiC Pro 多次被評為年度 iOS 攝像機應用程序,比任何其他視頻應用程序都被用於更多高端視頻項目。

FiLMiC Pro: Mobile Cine Camera - Apps on Google Play

主要特點 :-

  • 標準、手動和混合拍攝模式。適合任何技能水平的射擊風格。
  • Apple Watch 支持遠程啟動/停止和實時視頻預覽。
  • 縱向(垂直)和橫向拍攝方向。
  • 變速變焦。
  • 同步 24、25、30、48* 50* 和 60* fps 的音頻幀速率。(* 僅限 iPhone 6 和 6s 系列)。
  • 60,120,240 fps 的高速幀速率(取決於硬件)。
  • 慢動作和快動作 FX 選項。
  • 可配置的延時錄像。
  • 三模式直方圖,包括波形監視器。(A7 處理器設備和更新的設備)
  • 拍攝後調整視頻設置(曝光、對比度、飽和度、色調、色溫)。
  • 下採樣到多種尺寸/分辨率。
  • 可自定義保存的個人預設。
  • 縱橫比取景指南覆蓋。
  • 三分之二動態構圖指南。
  • 圖像穩定。
  • 支持 FiLMiC 遙控器。FiLMiC Remote 允許您使用運行 FiLMiC Remote 的第二台設備來控制運行 FiLMiC Pro 的 iOS 設備。


  • 高級功能已解鎖;
  • 此應用沒有廣告

FiLMiC Pro | FiLMiC Pro Mobile Video

FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera Download  made a splash at Apple’s Fall 2019 iPhone event, showing the ability to record video with the phone’s front and back cameras simultaneously for a multicam effect. That effect isn’t yet part of the company’s primary professional video tool reviewed here, but Filmic Pro is packed with professional video shooting features. That’s right, this app is all about recording the video with the detailed control used by pros—it’s not a video-editing app. Its support for many recording formats, push effects, and high bitrates make Filmic a rival to dedicated video cameras. After all, if Lady Gaga can use Filmic to record a recent video, the app is certainly up to the task for your social media clips.

Getting Started With Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro costs $14.99 on the App Store and runs on both iPhone and iPad. There’s no free trial version, but the company’s DoubleTake app, which does offer multicam shooting, is free. Note, too, that some of Filmic Pro’s more powerful tools require another purchase. Companion Remote ($9.99) and Apple Watch apps are also available. There is an Android version, but it lacks some advanced features such as log recording support. I tested on an iPhone X and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, both of which have superb cameras. The first thing you see after installing the app and running it for the first time is a list of five permissions it wants: camera, audio, cameral roll, location, and notifications. You can use the app without giving it the last two permissions. Another video app targeting pros and serious amateurs is Adobe Rush, which requires a $9.99-per-month subscription, though it does let you use the full app free with a limitation of three exports. Rush differs from Filmic in its ability to edit as well as shoot, and it syncs all your videos to cloud storage so you can easily pick up editing on the desktop.

Formats and Quality Settings

FiLMiC Pro Crack -level aspirations are evident in the sheer number of its format options—more than any photo or video app I’ve ever used. You can choose from eight aspect ratios, including less-common cinematic ones like 2.76:1 and 2.39:1, in addition to the more typical 16:9, 3:2, and 4:3. You can also choose resolutions from SD to 4K 2160p, though the iPhone’s standard photo app can do this, too. What the iPhone’s native app can’t do is change the frame rate from 24fps to 240 (for HD—the iPhone can only record 4K at up to 60fps.) Time-lapse options let you extend that down to a single frame per minute.

Another capability Filmic offers that you won’t get with the built-in iPhone shooter is control over bitrate quality. The app’s Filmic Extreme quality delivers 100Mbps for 2K-4K and 50Mbps for HD. Even the default Filmic Quality setting has 33 percent more information than Apple’s default bitrate. It’s ability to record log format is something normally only found on professional video cameras.



FiLMiC Pro 下載 顯示了我在任何照片或視頻應用程序中看到的最強大的相機界面之一。它的手動對焦、變焦和曝光控製做得特別好。這些在屏幕側面使用大弧線,讓您更輕鬆地調整這些參數。它適用於水平和垂直位置,後者適用於 Instagram Stories 等。齒輪按鈕將您帶到下面討論的各種格式選項的磁貼菜單。

與 Adob​​e Rush 和許多相機應用程序一樣,在查看器中可以控制焦點和曝光。當您通過點擊它們鎖定它們時,這些標線會變成紅色,並且長按它們會顯示手動弧控制。變焦搖桿模擬您在專業製作中看到的那種變焦。


  • 快速啟動
  • 豐富的軟件和設備生態系統
  • 觸摸屏支持
  • 生物識別 Hello 登錄
  • 強大的遊戲選擇


  • 單獨的設置應用程序和舊版控制面板
  • s
  • Windows 11 接管的最新重大更新很少


  1. 下載 FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera v6.16.3 破解版
  2. 現在將其安裝在您的程序上。
  3. 安裝完成後,複製粘貼破解文件
  4. 然後粘貼到安裝目錄
  5. 完畢
  6. 享受完整版

FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera v6.16.3破解要求

  • 2 GHz 處理器
  • 2GB 內存
  • 硬盤空間 800MB
  • 需要 670 MB 安裝空間
  • Windows XP、7、8、8.1 和 10
  • MAC OS X 10.8 或更高版本。


FiLMiC Pro Apk 我已經提到了曝光標線控制,但左側還有一個弧形控制,可讓您手動調整 ISO 和快門速度。此控制組中的另一個滑塊可讓您設置可接受的 ISO 範圍。如果您需要在拍攝時進行調整,這比 Rush 的控件要好,因為在 Rush 中,控件僅在您在 Pro 模式下點擊快門圖標後才會出現。手動對焦和變焦也是如此。拉動功能讓您獲得真正的專業電影和電視風格效果:這可以從一個焦點平滑過渡到另一個焦點、均勻縮放或增加或減少曝光。您設置最小和最大點,然後在與您想要進入的方向相反的位置點擊弧以開始過渡。


FiLMiC Pro  v6 是最先進的移動攝像機。曾經。FiLMiC Pro 增強了尖端功能和 iPhone、iPod 或 iPad 上響應速度最快的手動相機界面。

下載 (58.5 MB):

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